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Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

World Magnetic Conference

The World Magnetic Conference is an integral part of Coiltech.
The organisers see the conference as an excellent opportunity for information exchange between academic and industry research and an important reason to visit the fair.   Since 2010, more than 130 companies and universities have delivered at least one presentation at the conference.

A Steering Committee chaired by Prof. Marco Villani of the University of L'Aquila approves the candidacies of the presentation proposals. Villani is the author and co-author of over 170 research publications in renowned technical and scientific journals.

The organiser does not charge any fees for participation at the conference.

A recognised event to keep up to date and discuss the latest innovations of the market

The conference is an opportunity for developers of solutions in the electromechanical field to share their research results and discuss them with their peers in industry and academia.

To facilitate this exchange, there are no participation fees or contributions.

The only criterion the Steering Committee uses to select presentations is the technical validity of the proposed work.

The conference language is English.

Call for presentations.

WMC Coiltech Italia 2021: closed
WMC Coiltech Deutschland 2022: November 26, 2021 - register here  

or write at 

Visit the page Speakers' Guidelines to know more about the other important dates and deadlines. 

WMC - Topic Proposals


WMC 2021: Topics
 T1  E-Mobility
 T2Advanced powertrains
 T3The Electric Motor Industry
 T5Special electrical machines and actuators
 T6 Measurements and testing of electric machines 
 T7 Materials 
 T8 Manufacturing technologies 
 T9 Software 
 T10 EV Charging station and batteries
   T11   The evolution of the IEC TC2 standards for low voltage inverter-fed machines: the 60034-18-41 and the 60034-27-5


WMC2021 Program Schedule
Wednesday 22/09/2021

 Conference Room


 Sala C6  
  Special electrical machines and actuators11:00 - 12:40
 Sala C8   
  Materials11:00 - 12:15
 Sala C9  
  E-Mobility11:00 - 12:40


 Sala C6  
  Measurements and testing of electric machines15:00 - 17:30
 Sala C8  
15:00 - 16:15
 Sala C9  
    Manufacturing technologies 15:00 - 17.30 


WMC2021 Program Schedule
Thursday 23/09/2021

 Conference Room


 Sala C6  
  Software10:30 - 11:50
 Sala C8   
  Advanced powertrains10:30 - 11:45
  EV Charging station and batteries11:45 - 13:00
 Sala C9  
  The evolution of the IEC TC2 standards for low voltage inverter-fed machines: the 60034-18-41 and the 60034-27-510:30 - 13:00


 Sala C6  
  Transformers14:30 - 16:35
 Sala C8  
14:30 - 15:50
 Sala C9  
    The electric motor industry14:30 - 16.35 

Steering Committee

The World Magnetic Conference is chaired by Marco Villani, Professor of Design of Electrical Machines at the University of L'Aquila.

The Chair of Prof. Villani supports QUiCKFairs with the continuous improvement of the contents of the conference and the exhibition.

All the members of the Steering Committee:

University of L'Aquila: Prof. M. Villani
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT): Prof. M. Doppelbauer
QUiCKFairs:  S. Kuester
University of L'Aquila: Dr. G. Fabri
ZVEI: Dr. R. Winter


WMC Presentations from 2010

At the previous editions of the World Magnetic Conference more than 130 companies have discussed the results of their innovations and  researches:

A.M.E. o
ABB o o o o o
Actor o
Albesiano o
Altair o o
Altanova Group o
ANIE o o o o o
Anofol- Steinert o o
Ansys Italia o o o o
Arcelor Mittal o o 
Asita o
Atra o
Aumann o
Aurubis o
Axalta Coating Systems o o
Best Transformers o
Breuckmann o o o
BrockHaus Measurements o o
Bticino o
BTSR o o o
Cedrat o o o o
Centro Ricerche Fiat o
Cibas o
CG Electric Systems Hungary o
Cogent o
Comsol o
Diasol o
DMP Miniprotettori o
Dupont Nomex o
Dv-Power o o
E.D.C. o
Electric Motor Labs o
Electro adda o o o o o
Electrolux o
Elica o o o
Emerson, Leroy Somer o
ENEA - Divisione mobilità Elettrica o o o o o o
ENEA - Divisione superconduttori o o o o
Enginsoft o o
Eomys o
Eurogroup o o o
FAET o o o o o
Fraunhofer Institute o
Favi o
Fundación Cidaut o
Garnet o
GDG Gerätebau o
GKN Sinter Metals o
Heidenain o
Hitachi o o
Hochschule Harz Fachbereich Automatisierung und Informatik o
IFP Energies Nouvelles o
Iles Engineering o
Italtech Wind o
Jsol Corporation o
Karl Rejlek o
Kienle+Spiess o o o
Kriwan o
Kolector o
Laboratorio Elettrofisico o
LAE o o o o o
Lafert o o
LCD Lasercut o o
Mag Cam o 
Magnet - Physik o o o
Marcegaglia o
Marelli Motori o o o o
Marsilli o o o
Mate o
McKinsey o
Metech o
Metrolab Technology o 
Miba Sinter Austria o 
M-Pulse o o
Michele Vanzi & Partners o
M&I Materials o 
Motive o
Motor Design Limited o o
Motovario o o
Mueller-Ahlhorn o
Munich University of Technology o 
Ne-It o 
Nidec Sole Motor o o o
Ningbo Permanent Magnetics o
Politecnico di Milano o
Politecnico di Torino o o o 
Politubes o
Polo Tecnologico Pordenone o
Powersys Solutions o
R13 Technology o o o o 
Rina-Centro Sviluppo Materiali o o o o 
RST Wire o
Rubadue &Co o o 
Salbia o
Schunk Italia o
Sekels o
Senis o o o
SIM - Studio Ingegneria Marini o o o o o
Sisram o
SKF o o o o o
Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche o o o o o o o
SWD o o
Tamini o o o
Tecnomatic o o
Teledyne Lecroy o o
thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel o o o
Transfluid o
TUM - Technical University of Munich o o
TU Wien - Technical University of Wien o o o
UL o o
Umbra Cuscinetti o o o o o o o
University of Bologna o
University of Genova o
Università dell’Aquila o o o o o o o
University of Ljubljana o
Universitò di Padova o o
University of Trieste o
Università di Udine o o
Vacuumschmelze o o
Victrex o

Editions WMC

World Magnetic Conference 2022

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