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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2021

Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

Shuttle Service

In the past years, QUiCKFairs has organized a shuttle service between the airports and the venue and the partner hotel, grouping the trips to reduce the cost for every passenger. Doing so, the cost of getting from Venice airport to Pordenone or back was about the same as for a taxi trip from the city centre of a metropolitan town to an airport.

Considering the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the grouping of passengers in a car, even if it is a van, is not compatible with the general advice to avoid gatherings

Therefore we invite all our guests to organize themselves. Below, we suggest a couple of companies that offer this service and that you can contact as follows:

ATVO (daily Shuttle Bus service M. Polo Airport-Pordenone)


The companies that provide transportation service in the area are not part of the QUiCKFairs organization and staff.