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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2021

Ulm, March, 17/18, 2021

Audited exhibition statistics

Coiltech is the only Coil & Winding exhibition that has its statistical data certified by an independent auditor.

What is the advantage for exhibitors and visitors to participate in an audited event rather than at a show that is not?
Companies can take their decisions whether to spend time and money to exhibit or visit the show on the base of reliable data. For example, the visitor numbers of Coiltech reflect only actual visitors and not exhibitors' staff.

So, if you compare the statistical information about Coiltech visitor in the visitor profile with those of other shows in the field, we suggest that you bear in mind that many organizers include exhibitor staff in their visitor count.

Coiltech has its statistical data certified, since 2012, by ISF Cert. The auditor checks the methods with which the statistical data about visitors, exhibitors, rented exhibition spaces, and conferences are collected and verifies the date through random sampling (a complete description is available on the ISF Cert website).

The audit of the statistical data is a prerequisite to obtaining the cachet "UFI-Approved International Event."

It is a sign of quality since ufi (the association of international exhibitions) awards it only to events that have their statistical data audited by an independent certifier. On the ufi website you can read more detailed information about