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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2022

Ulm, 06/07 April 2022

Innovation @ Coiltech

We are very keen that Coiltech stimulates the interaction between the "sector technicians" and thus contributes to the continuous evolution of innovative solutions for the Coil&Winding industry.

Visiting a lot of exhibitions ourselves and putting into action Coiltech, we have noticed that, sometimes:
That's why we launch innovation@Coiltech, a dedicated place to highlight exciting innovations from our exhibitors.  

Patents on show at Coiltech Deutschland Ulm


AEV Manufacturers of resins varnishes, compounds for the electrical industry along with VI/VPI equipment will present at Coiltech Deutschland EPOSPIN Resin®.
It is a unique, one-part, rapid-cure epoxy that is impregnated onto windings for use in components with working temperatures of up to 180°C.

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EPOSPIN®, a new impregnation system for stators

AEV Manufacturers of resins, varnishes, compounds for the electrical industry, along with VI/VPI equipment, will present at Coiltech Deutschland EPOSPIN®.

This new technology allows for preheating the stator and thermosetting the resin while maintaining the best conditions for viscosity.    

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Kienle + Spiess  - Glulock Multiple Dots

Kienle + Spiess GmbH, focused on stamping and die-casting technologies, will present at Coiltech Deutschland:

Glulock Multiple Dots, an innovative bonding technology applied more precisely and consistently.

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ELANTAS- ELAN-Film ® insulation

ELANTAS manufacturer of varnishes, resins, compounds, wire enamels, adhesives has developed ELAN-Film ® insulation.

It is an innovative advanced flexible electrical insulation that takes advantage of Elantas' established portfolio of technologies and adapts it to new applications.

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Mate Project - Auxiliary PM arrangement  

MATE PROJECT is an innovative Engineering Company for motors, electronic control Boards, electrical Drives, Prototypes.

It will present at Coiltech how to improve the dynamic performances of small single-phase self-starting permanent magnet electric motors.

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SENIS - FAMAS SENA2Dx - FAst Magnetic Angle Sensor

Senis develops and manufactures advanced instruments for the magnetic field and current measurement, and will present at Coiltech its product FAMAS.

It is the first cost-effective, fast and accurate magnetic angle sensor based on two vertical Hall elements and a direct angle to digital format conversion.

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TSG Omega - IDC with thin magnetic wire

TSG Omega develops connectors for terminals with different applications.  

It will present IDC solutions with thin magnetic wire at Coiltech Deutschland, the reliability of the electrical connection can be increased by more than 20% compared to welding solutions.  

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