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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2021

Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

Who participated, was happy about it

It was like jumping into cold water. To organize one of the first trade fairs ever after the lockdown and the first one in its industry field made us face the challenge of having to beat new paths without being able to fall back on the experience.

Together with the exhibitors, we were curious to see how the additional hygiene measures would be taken up and accepted, what effect the pandemic has on the atmosphere in the halls and whether visitors would come at all.

Here is a selection of viewpoints that reached us during and immediately after the exhibition. They are encouraging for the next editions - both in Ulm and in Pordenone, both for the participants and the organizer. 

Better than expected

Worked well and even more than last year

"... we worked with calm and very well and certainly even more than last year. A thank you to the organisers who have enabled us to be at this fair despite the difficulties of the case."
G.I. - AVEL srl

Better attended than expected, trust in Coiltech

" Today, on the second day of the fair, I can conclude that we were rewarded with a higher number of visitors than expected. Obviously, there were quite a few to believe in this edition of the show." 
S.I. - Euro Group SpA

Better response than expected

"We meet our customers and business partners. The number of visitors is better than we expected." A.B. - Legnano Teknoelectric Company SpA

Interested visitors who know what they want

"We did not hesitate to make our contribution, especially this year ... And we were proven right: the visitors showed specific interest, and their inquiries were particularly precise." 
G.T.- CSP Group srl

Protective masks and other increased hygiene measures are not an obstacle for a positive atmosphere for conversation

Safe trade fair participation

"Coiltech gave us the opportunity to participate in such an important exhibition in safety, notwithstanding the situation. Thank you. "
D.G. Tecnofirma SpA

Good organisation, therefore safe

"Six of us visited Coiltech to meet our supplying partners ... The trade fair is well organized, you can absolutely visit it with a feeling of safety, we were satisfied with our decision."
C.P. - TMC Transformers Italia SpA

Effective rules and guidelines, pleasant atmosphere

"I have to say that the taken security measures really work and ensure that everyone feels comfortable."G.A. SISME SpA

Fruitful exchange between exhibitors and visitors

"Face-to-face meetings and the necessary hygiene precautions can easily be reconciled. Exhibitors and trade show visitors had a profitable exchange of ideas on site.
D.H., - Schleich, published also on the company website

An example

"With the successful and coherent implementation of Coiltech in Pordenone, the QUiCKFairs team set an example of how one can carry out a trade fair professionally even under the extraordinary conditions caused by Covid-19. Participants and customers were able to conduct inspiring contacts and discussions in a safe environment. We look forward to Ulm next year."
D.G. - Gebrüder Waasner

Enough of the video conferencing - personal, face-to-face conversations are better

Talk to each other face to face

"... we did not hesitate to exhibit at this edition as well and we have not regretted it. It's a way to start over, get out of the office, be in personal contact with others, and talk face-to-face." M.B. - T.M.A. SpA

Happy to see people

"I'm happy to be here, to hold a presentation at the conference, to see people again and to find myself in a pleasant atmosphere of general safety."
A.B. - Transformer Process

Direct interaction with the customers

We just experienced global virtual events, they have been very nice for Marsilli. ... . Nevertheless, we are so glad to be here again to meet people and interact with our real customers. We missed it and, once again, we are delighted to be back here." 
M.R. - Marsilli SpA

Show what you do

"After many months of 'smart' working, we finally have the opportunity to show visitors and other exhibitors what we do. We produce machinery and, also, we are looking forward to Ulm."S.P. - Project Automation

Quality of the contacts

At the trade fair for 10 years, all relevant supplier areas at the show

"We produce motors for the automotive sector and we have been attending Coiltech for all 11 editions. Coiltech has succeeded to organize, despite the difficulties of the moment, an excellent exhibition. There are the suppliers of every relevant sector, from winding to the magnets, to everything concerning the motor. Something that is very often difficult to find in Italy."
M.G. - Unus International SpA

Many meetings, all at a high level

"This year is different of course, but we had a lot of interesting discussions on a very high-quality level because we also had more time to dedicate for the conversations."
C.S. - voestalpine Stahl GmbH

New leads

"Despite the increased hygienic safety regulations, the trade fair was very successful. We have had many interesting conversations and made new contacts." 
T.L. - Meier Prozesstechnik

The advantages of a real world conference

Direct contact with the attendees of the conference

"... At the conference, I spoke about laser technologies and I really liked a conference with real people and in particular, I liked the discussion afterwards. There were many questions to my presentation and I had a good occasion to answer these questions. I was astonished to see many people from industry here, from Italy, from Germany, from whole Europe actually. This is what I liked. If you would ask me, a real conference is much better than any internet conference. If possible, of course."
A.W. - Fraunhofer IWS

Exchange among technicians and other professionals

"It is a pleasure to be here in this professional environment which is provided by the World Magnetic Conference. It's for sure the best place to be for the technicians and the professionals to explore the advantages and innovations in this field.
P.S.N. - Braitec

The courage and the desire to recommence

Look ahead

"It was important for us to take part in this edition of Coiltech to send a sign of trust and confidence. Not only towards the customers who came to the trade fair but also towards the other market players. Also, to leave the last months behind us and to look ahead."
A.R. - Inarca SpA

A message for the market

"Our aim was to set an example on the market: We have to believe in the recovery ... we were not a few who believed in this fair and we are happy that our courage has been rewarded."S.I. - Euro Group SpA

Organization - it strives to make everyone feel comfortable

Congratulations and thank you to the entire team

"My compliments for a successful Coiltech 2020 and a big thank you to the entire QUiCKFairs team and their partners, without forgetting anyone: the ladies at the Food & Beverage, those who measured the body temperature at the entrance, the group of photographers, and everyone who contributed to have achieved this success. "E.C. - FASP srl

Exhibitors of all editions, trust in the organization again this year

"M-Pulse has been exhibiting at Coiltech in Pordenone for 10 years. It is one of the best-organized tradeshows I know. We met a lot of new customers here and for that reason, there were no questions that M-Pulse also exhibits in Coiltech 2020 in Pordenone."
M.B. - M-Pulse

Visitor statements in the online post-show survey

Efficient staff - very good pre-show communications

"It is my first time at Coiltech. The staff was very efficient, especially in the pre-show communications. I am interested to exhibit next year."

Free food and drink

"Fantastic organization. My only remark: I would have advertised the free bar in a stronger way."

Excellent feedback from partners

"We have received excellent feedback from our partners about the organization."

Attention to detail

"Great attention to detail."

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