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Ulm, May, 19/20, 2021

Planning the 2021 exhibition under the sign of the Covid crisis

Note: we have prepared the information on this page based on the available information on 16 December 2020 and updated it on 21 December and 11 January. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will publish possible changes to our programme on our website.

The corona crisis has recently intensified, resulting in a further adjustment in everyone’s plans - and especially for us as trade fair organisers. We are now adapting the schedule for Coiltech Deutschland 2021 to the changed situation.

The current situation - never hesitate to start from the obvious

All over the world, especially in Europe, countries are affected by a new surge of infections.

This dynamic has prompted the political decision-makers in Germany (Chancellor, Heads of federal states) to impose an extensive lockdown because the measures taken so far have not had the desired success.

On January 5, the Conference of the Prime Ministers of the federal states and the Federal Chancellery has extended and tightened the restrictive measures in Germany that were valid until 10 January. Given the dynamics of new infections and the health system's burden, individual federal states are taking even stricter measures.

The next reassessment is due on 25 January 2021. Statements by various political decision-makers in the press or on television indicate that tightening measures are more probable than easing for February.

We expect that a better overview of the effect of contact-reducing regulations, vaccinations and warmer weather will not be available before the end of February.

How does this affect the planned date for Coiltech Ulm?

Given this background we no longer consider the planned date of March 17/18 to be feasible.

It may still be possible that a trade fair like Coiltech will be authorised on this date. However, it is unlikely that this authorisation comes soon enough to allow for sufficient lead time. Moreover, it is to be expected that an event so close to the end of the restrictions could still cause a considerable number of the exhibiting and visiting companies and people to feel uneasy about participating in the trade fair.

Of course, this situation presents us with further challenges. At the same time, the current measures give us reason to be confident that a B2B trade fair will be possible again in the course of the year.

Feedback from exhibitors and visitors

As always, we have been in constant telephone contact with exhibitors and visitors in the past weeks. The feedback was clear: practically everyone regrets the lack of opportunities to meet business partners face to face, especially at trade fairs, where you can hold a lot of meetings, also informal ones, in a short time. And many expressed their hope and wish that we can hold Coiltech in spring 2021.

Very often, our interlocutors were impressed that we have successfully put in place a hygiene and safety concept at Coiltech Italia 2020 in Pordenone and interested in further details. Some remarked that we should be proud that we are one of the very few trade fair organizers who have their own track record with this topic.

Our possible choices and the determination of an alternative date

In the past weeks we have considered and evaluated a variety of alternatives - also taking into account the feedback from our interlocutors (see above).

Among the various options (including postponing to the year 2022, cancelling the March appointment and deciding on the rescheduling to a later date in 2021 in a moment with a complete overview of the situation, or immediately setting a new date and communicating it early), we consider determining a new appointment in late spring 2021 to be in the best interest of all involved.

As early as October, when the worsening of the situation announced itself, we had secured an alternative date at the Ulm Messe venue in late April and we were one of the first organisers to do so and communicate it. Since then, other fair organisers have followed us suit and postponed dates.

This has opened up an attractive time window in May: 19/20 May, i.e. the week before Whitsun. This week is still free of public holidays and bridging days and at the same time promises already pleasant outdoor temperatures. This facilitates the intensive ventilation of the halls and makes staying outside of halls more pleasant.

These are two important factors for the hygiene concept, which are particularly relevant against the background of expert statements that the epidemic will not yet be over in May. The weather in Ulm in May is similar to that in Pordenone in September, where we were able to prove our hygiene concept.

Details of the new schedule